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Smoothie Bar - Moxie Juice

The Recovery Shake

Whether your goals are fat loss, muscle gain or just maintaining, your body still needs to recover quickly following a workout.  To achieve your goals the first step is to recovery.
What makes our smoothies and performance shakes different?

Our smoothies and shakes are of the purest ingredient on this good earth. 
We do not use any sugar-laden sorbets, syrupy fruits or nutrient deficient juices.
We start with nutritionally dense fruit purees made from skins, seeds, and pulp of vine-ripened fruit.
We then add natural fruit and finish with personalized precisely portioned nutritionals designed to help you achieve your fitness goals.
Our smoothies and shakes can be lactose free and low in calories
They are loaded with vitamins and minerals and rich in antioxidants
Our proteins are 100% ion-exchanged Whey Isolates, which means your body absorbs virtually all of it

Glycogen must be present to burn fat; if not available, your body converts protein into Glycogen.  So it is important that we are continually replacing our stored energy throughout the day and especially following your workout.  If you don’t replace the glycogen (stored sugars) that you burned during your workout within 30-45 minutes of your last rep, your body’s metabolism begins to quickly slow down cannibalizing its own muscle tissue for energy…BAD.  You end up increasing the fat to lean muscle tissue ratio and lowering your metabolic rate…VERY BAD.

By not replacing the sugar immediately, your body will undergo a physiological change and begin to recognize protein as its most important energy source.  Over time you will need to work out harder and harder to achieve the same results because you will have less and less protein or muscle to maintain a healthy metabolism.  Have you ever noticed someone who puts hours on the treadmill day after day, month after month and they never seem to look any different?

Science has discovered the solution
By drinking a high glycemic based drink immediately following a workout; all sugars are shunted directly to your muscle fibers, not to your hips or those pesky love handles.  Once in your muscle cells, recovery can begin and you can begin to rebuild a stronger you.  Even if you are just trying to burn fat, replacing the sugars that you just burned enables your body to keep your metabolism humming by keeping your muscles fed.  This allows you to continue to burn fat.

But just don’t replace your sugars with empty calories.  We have designed the perfect post workout Recovery Shake using only vine ripened nutrient dense fruits and the highest quality Protein Isolates replete with digestive enzymes.  Pick your favorite shake and then add your personal Nutritional Boosts.  They have been designed to maximize your very own performance goals.