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Personal Yoga Training

Discover the Benefits ~Yoga Instruction That Works!
Individual ~ Duet ~ Private Groups
Regardless of level, age, or stage of life ~ Personal lessons provide the perfect setting to address your individual goals and needs.
New Students will be introduced to the essentials of yoga postures, breathing techniques, and mindfulness, selecting postures to fit the individual.  Offering hands on adjustments to ensure that you develop a safe and beneficial yoga practice.
Advanced Students will explore specific areas of interest, work on mastering more advanced postures, or learn to overcome any fears that may be keeping your practice from growing forward.
All Students will be guided with my years of experience as a yoga teacher to develop a custo
mized practice, which will improve the quality
of your life, on and off the mat.
Joy Anton ~yogawithjoy.com
"A mindful practice for life"
Registered, Certified, Experienced Yoga Teacher


One hour orientation with a Personal Trainer to make member more comfortable with our equipment.  New Member Orientation consists of:

Member to fill out their health history & pre-exercise questionnaire

Starting Statistics– body wt., % body fat, % lean body mass

Brief Explanation of 4 Components of Fitness
1. Food intake when food intake in =energy expended ideal weight is the result
2. Cardio Respiratory Training for fat mobilization
4. Resistance Training to increase or preserve lean body mass
5. Personal Assistance– individualizing the above 4 components to reach fitness goals realistically.

Go over basics of cardio equipment

Go through basic settings on 5 to 6 pieces of weight equipment and discuss a generalized work out plan.
1. Muscle group each piece of equipment works
2. How to set the correct adjustments, ie: seat height
3. # of sets and repetitions of each exercise