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Phyllis Livingston is a life-long fitness enthusiast. She is certified through SCW as a Group Fitness Instructor and is also trained in Yoga Fundamentals I and II. Although she loves all types of physical activity, her passions are yoga and pilates. She believes fitness should be fun and uses her knowledge and experience to keep her classes fresh and interesting. She loves making a difference in the quality of life of her students and recognizes how much they give back to her. Phyllis has 7 children and is a grandmother. She feels that being a positive role model is one of the best things she can pass on to her posterity.

Phyllis instructs the following:
  • "PLAYates"
  • A mat class based on traditional pilates exercises mixed with modern moves to keep things fresh and interesting. All classe focus on core strength and include stretching in a fun and playful atmosphere. Modifications and challenges are given to accommodate all levels. Equipment will be introduced on the 2nd Monday of each month to add variety, to deepen the mind-body connection, and to expose students to the many tools Generations has available for use. With regular attendance, members can look forward to getting stronger and decreasing (or preventing) back pain while enjoying the benefits of increased mobility in a welcoming, upbeat, and non-intimidating environment.

  • Pilates
  • A total body workout that emphasizes body alignment to build
    muscular strength, endurance, flexibility and balance. This class focuses on
    abdominals, hips, and lower back to create a power center, enabling the rest of the body to move freely.